Beyond the Mask


Venice, a very noble and intact city still today preserves a precious tradition of local craftsmanship, handed down over the centuries, the unique excellence of an indigenous culture still alive and of inestimable value, as much as its art and history.

 Bluemoon Venice has been operating for almost thirty years in town to keep alive the ancient tradition of mascareri ( maskmakers), always with a view to the future and creativity. We are constantly looking for new ideas to go beyond the simple mask and explore the creative potential of this wonderful and ancient material: papier-mâché. Our mission is to keep open a precious dialogue between tradition and innovation. From this exploration a new line of decorative objects in papier-mâché was born, which we hope to be able to expand with other creations. These papier-mâché sculptures are decorated in the traditional way with gold and silver leaf or with new techniques and materials to obtain a more contemporary touch. Perfect as interior decorations, or for setting up shops and public places.

 This is just the beginning of a new adventure ...


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