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About Us

Welcome to Bluemoon Venice

Bluemoon Venice is a workshop specialized in the production of Venice's famous paper-mâché masks.

Our showroom is located in the historic center of Venice, S.Polo 1578 (Calle del Capeller), close to the Rialto market.
In the 'Contact Us' section you will find a map with our location and you could also leave us a message.

We have always made it our business to keep the traditional art of the maschereri (Venetian mask makers) alive, nurturing a legacy passed down to us from generation to generation. We design and create all of our masks and pay rigorous attention to each phase of the production, from the idea to the final decoration.

Our experience comes from twenty years of artisanal work as well as from the search for ever new techniques and materials. From an artisan workshop we have developed into a small enterprise up to any of our clients' interest, also with unique models for collectors or customized masks for special events.

We stock a wide selection of masks made using both traditional and innovative techniques, with different decorations: gold and silver leaf, feathers, fabric, macramé, Swarovski crystal and more. We also provide blank models for those who wish to express their creativity in personalizing their own mask.

The materials we use come from an endless search, from paper (amongst the most flexible and resistant) to the best lace and passamanerie. Most of our masks come with ribbon ties or batons, to be easily worn; they can also be used for interior decoration, adding to your home a special touch of Venice. Our masks are often worn for special events - masquerade balls, parties, weddings, ceremonies, theme parties – bringing about a special touch of elegance and mystery.

Further to offering our products at retail, directly in our atelier's showroom, we also supply several mask shops and online sales sites both in Venice and abroad. And, of course, you can buy our products directly online: we've been on e-commerce for almost ten years and our website, constantly evolving, is reference point in this sector.

Over the years we have provided for clients all over the world: private collectors, shops, simple fans or big firms (Bulgari, Liu-Jo, Almo Nature, Hewlett Packard, Coop and others) we have designed unique models for.

In any case, we invite you to explore the range of our products.

We ship worldwide, using UPS.

We have also provided you with a special section in which you will find a detailed insight into the history of the Venetian mask.


Bluemoon Venice
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